Get the zero width space character

Just click the button below and it will be copied to your clippord, from there you may insert it just by pasing it the way you do it always:

The button is tested in chrome browsers, if you use another browser it may not work for you.

Use zero width space character to escape things on twitter

What is a zero width space character?

It is a special utf-8 character which has a zero width and so you can't see in in your normal browser. The UTF-8 code for it is \u{200B}. The difficulty to use it, lays in its nature, because it's invisible you can not just copy it.

Why should I use a zero width space character on twitter

Sometimes it's very useful to hide things from twitter e.g. if you want to outline a twitter handle without linking it, because the user shouldn't get a mention or you just do not want to promot his account. You would just add the zero width space directly behind the @ and twitter will not recognize the handle.

But you will use it probably most for having nice hashtags without killing the readability of your tweet.

E.g. if you want use the plural of a word but the common hastag is in singular form, you can just add it after the hashtag. #apples would become #apples. Find an live example below.

Live Example

Bei Glas oder #Plastik ist die Entscheidung recht leicht gefällt, aber wo liegen eigentlich die Unterschiede zwischen Glas und #Konserven?

Welche Lebensmittelbehälter sind #ökologisch​er, #nachhaltig​er und eignen sich besser zum Verpacken?

— oekofreaks 🌱 (@oekofreaks) 4. April 2019

Fingerprinting using zero width space charracters

Be aware of techniques which use zero width characters to fingerprint texts, e.g. adding a user ID to copied text, to detect whistleblowers.

You may want to use it also to identify people who just copy-pasting your tweets. Just include your username encoded in hidden characters, and verify it using this nice Tool.